The Food +
Shelter Agency

R+M helps food and building companies design and implement marketing solutions for the modern world.

We understand complex sales cycles, supply chain challenges, and the many idiosyncrasies that make these essential industries so unique.

We Work

R+M works alongside marketing leaders to tame the chaos and do the best work of their career. We do this using an approach we call modern marketing.

Modern marketing is not about simply implementing technology or data or other “new” tools. It’s about seeing the world and our brand’s place in it clearly, then designing a marketing machine that gives us the best shot at success.

Modern marketing starts with identifying what we’re trying to accomplish and then clearly defining the measurements that signal we are getting there. It means replacing scattershot projects with orderly programs. And automating where it makes sense, not just because we can.

What We Do

Account-based Marketing




Brand Architecture

Business Strategy




Experience Design

Leadership Consulting

Measurement + Reporting



Sales Support

Strategic Coaching

Web + Mobile

+ more

Who We Are

Tawsha / Client Lead

  • Morning show host
  • Website designer
  • Event planner
  • Choreographer
  • Hallmark movie connoisseur

Jason / Client Service

  • Marketing director
  • Agency owner
  • Photojournalist
  • Gas station attendant
  • Tire buster

Kyle / VP, Strategy

  • Nonprofit director
  • Digital consultant
  • Dance filmmaker
  • Theater director
  • Banquet server

Katie / Design

  • Graphic designer
  • Pool waitress
  • Carpool queen
  • Wine lover
  • Triplet mom

Jennifer / Ops

  • E-commerce entrepreneur
  • Editor
  • Dental hygienist
  • Grocery fishmonger
  • Circumnavigated the planet

Jeff / President

  • Agencies: 20+ years
  • Startups: founder, investor, YC
  • MBA
  • Journalist
  • Bowling alley mechanic


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