R+M Team

Humans Make it Happen

Jeff / President

  • Agencies: 20+ years
  • Startups: founder, investor, YC
  • MBA
  • Journalist
  • Bowling alley mechanic

Lillian / Media, Analytics

  • Website manager
  • CX consultant
  • Fish health lab technician
  • Zoo volunteer coordinator
  • Research lab technician

Katie / Creative

  • Graphic designer
  • Pool waitress
  • Carpool queen
  • Wine lover
  • Triplet mom

Kyle / VP, Strategy

  • Nonprofit director
  • Digital consultant
  • Dance filmmaker
  • Theater director
  • Banquet server

Tawsha / Producer

  • Morning show host
  • Website designer
  • Event planner
  • Choreographer
  • Hallmark movie connoisseur

Jennifer / Ops

  • E-commerce entrepreneur
  • Editor
  • Dental hygienist
  • Grocery fishmonger
  • Circumnavigated the planet

Aaron / Digital

  • 3D producer
  • E-commerce ops
  • FIRST Robotics mentor
  • Setup high school computer lab
  • Competitive fighting games

Jason / Client Lead

  • Marketing director
  • Agency owner
  • Photojournalist
  • Gas station attendant
  • Tire buster

Meet the Reynolds+Myers

Reynolds+Myers is named in honor of two smart + ornery men — each with eighth grade educations + entrepreneurial spirits. It’s led by their grandson, Jeff, who possesses more than a few of those same characteristics.

Grandpa Doc Reynolds
After leaving his life as a farmer during the devastating droughts of the Texas Dust Bowl, Doc Reynolds rose from a migrant farm worker to a pioneer in printed circuit boards. He was known as a hard worker and a “good time Charlie” who knew how to close a sale.

Grandpa Bill Myers
Bill Myers was a World War II veteran, truck driver, machinist and amateur inventor who was eventually contracted by Amway International to solve complex engineering challenges. Even his spare time was spent tinkering in his basement workshop.

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