Have Data,
Will Travel

Some brands are nearly invisible by their nature.

In the case of destination marketing organizations — the nonprofits that promote tourist regions — the “hero” of the story is the visitor and the destination, not the DMO.

Recognizing this, R+M worked with one such organization to move their strategy from what might be considered a traditional brand strategy to a “last mile” strategy that leveraged technology to deliver the right content at the right time to encourage action.

The Work

Building a last mile strategy requires gaining a clear view of the entire journey.

To provide visibility, R+M worked with the board of directors and management team to implement a truly data-driven marketing program — and the culture to support it. This revealed the need for several necessary foundational improvements, as well as opportunities to serve as a valuable resource.

Website redesign + technology enhancement:
including ability for proper attribution and targeted calls to action

Audience segmentation: understanding demographics, interests and psychographics

Holistic advertising management: optimizing attribution and effectiveness while reducing waste

Content/social integration: defining strategy + systems for uniting channels and maximizing engagement

Data analytics: understanding how the pieces fit together

The Outcome

Record-setting results have become the norm for this DMO. They have grown to become more than a marketing organization. They are now effectively a travel media company inspiring thousands of travelers to spend their time and money in the region.

Select results:

200% increase in social media engagement
10x increase in organic search impressions
20x increase in monthly newsletter new subscribers

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