Grower Marketing

When one of the leaders in vegetable seed production asked Reynolds+Myers to add a bit of flavor to their grower marketing efforts, we saw acres of opportunity.

The client — a subsidiary of a global conglomerate — breeds, processes, and markets the seeds that turn into the veggies that keep us all healthy and happy. Their customers are growers across North America and beyond.

R+M’s assignment? To establish a higher standard for the company’s grower communications.

The Work

The first thing to know about growers is that they work harder and longer hours than most of us. That means reaching them, particularly in busy seasons, is a real challenge for marketers.

Understanding this, R+M developed a multi-channel farmer communications program designed to reinforce the unique traits of their seeds by:

Showing off the end product: growers don’t buy seeds, they buy the happy consumers (and, by extension, happy produce buyers).

Matching the message to the medium(s): because growers are often on the go, we used simple language and imagery that was readable and easy-to-understand in any environment, including ag supply stores.

Embracing the legacy: our client is already an established industry leader. While the R+M campaign brought a new energy, it did so while reinforcing, not straying from, the existing brand language.

The Outcome

The sales cycle, let alone the ROI cycle, in agriculture is notoriously long and difficult to track. That’s why we use a number of indicator metrics to gauge the success of such efforts early in their lifecycle.

For these efforts, the initial feedback came in the form of broad praise: from the sales team, leadership, and dealers. This led to internal demand to expand the messaging across the organization…

FIRST-EVER campaign-specific requests from dealers to customize creative for their operation
EXPANSION of the campaign across multiple product lines based on positive response

See the Work

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